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Rotary 8 Mouths Cement Packing Machine To Peru
Publish:2016-06-23 By Diana
Rotary Cement Packing Machine
This rotary cement packing machine was sold to Peru. This equipment includes Rotary Cement Packing Machine, Vibration Screen, Pneumatic Valve, Spiral Gate, Rigid Impeller Feeder, Bags Picking Machine, Bags Collating Unit, Bags Clearance Unit, Electric Cabinet, Automatic Self Loader UnitLifting Machines Unit.

This type series rotary cement packing machine is used with mobile platform cement truck loading machine and double location folding machine, completely realizing cement screening, packing, loading one-stop configuration of automatic production lines. High degree automation advantage could effectively shorten the time of loading, saving labor and work, saving time, the advantages of reducing energy consumption, improve business efficiency. As a result,  it is the most ideal equipment manufacturer of large and medium-sized cement cement bags, and packaging equipment update latest product works.
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