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Meat Vacuum Packing Machine Sold To USA
Publish:2016-08-16 By Diana
Meat Vacuum Packing Machine
Customer from USA bought one set meat vacuum packing machine. Meat acuum packing machine require the entire product to be placed in a plastic bag within the machine.Once the product is placed in the machine on the seal bar,the lid is closed and air is removed.Then a seal bar inside the chamber seals the product in the bag,after sealing the bag the chamber is refilled with air by the automatic opening of a vent to the outside.This oncoming pressure squeezes all remaining air in the bag.The lid is then opened and the product removed.vacuum packing machine is typically used for medium-volume packaging, and also have the capability to vacuum seal liquids.
• It is made of SUS304 stainless steel material
• The table palet is 5mm thicken(SUS304 stainless steel material)
• It need the air compressor to provide the power when automatically close&open the chamber cover
• Adopted BUSCH 200 vacuum pump(200CBM/hour)
• Can increase gas flush if you need
• It can automatically close&open the cover when working
• With two big cylinders as support when automatically close&open cover
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