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Types Of Sugar Packaging
Publish:2018-08-16 By Sherry
Do you like sugar? Have you ever noticed the types of sugar packaging on the market when buying sugar? There are three main types of sugar packaging on the market, paper bag packaging, iron box packaging, plastic bag packaging.
1. Paper bag
The main material of paper bag is paper, which has the advantage of being cheap and easy to obtain. Sugar in paper bag can make sugar more delicate. It is also more convenient and fast in transportation. Waterproof and moisture-proof is a prominent feature. paper bags are easier to sell and store and, when eaten, easier to open. Paper has the advantages of easy degradation, using paper bag packaging does not pollute the environment.
2. Iron box packaging
The main material of iron box packing is tinted tin iron. The iron box has cylinder, rectangle, oval, pentagonal and other regular or irregular shapes. This kind of packing has good sealing, high packing hardness and is not easy to damage. Bright appearance, conspicuous coloring and strong durability. Iron box is widely used in candy packaging. Some large packaging, gift packaging and famous candy brands will choose to use iron box packaging, which can provide the product class.
3. Plastic bag packaging
Packaging sugar with plastic bag is the most common packaging type in the candy packaging industry. This kind of packing can be effectively moisture-proof and waterproof, and the cost is low. It is loved by many sugar makers. Plastic bag can be transparent or colored. Packing the sugar in colored plastic will make it more attractive. Plastic packaging is widely used in both famous confectionery brands and common brands.
The sugar packing machine produced by our company can use plastic bag and paper bag as the packaging material. Machines can adapt to different kinds of packing materials. The machine adopts advanced packing equipment, which makes the performance of the machine more stable. The control system of the machine is also an international first-class level, which can meet customers' different packaging needs. Human-machine interface display, is the packaging process more clear. The automatic detection function can automatically detect the running process, detect the improper operation in the process in time, and reduce the loss in the packaging process of customers.
The above is our introduction to the types of sugar packaging, if you have any question, please contact us for free.

Types Of Sugar Packaging
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