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Sold Cellophane Wrapping Machine To South Africa
Publish:2018-07-16 By Sherry
Today, we sold one set cellophane wrapping machine to South Africa. This automatic cellophane film packing machine is a common equipment for external packaging of regular cardboard boxes. The machine uses transparent film or BOPP film to package the box. The goods after packaging are more beautiful and smooth, and can play the role of moisture-proof, anti-counterfeiting, anti-drying and storage. The machine has fast packaging speed and easy operation and maintenance. It can be used by single machine or in combination with other models. It is an ideal equipment to improve the quality and economic benefits of commodity packaging.
This machine sold to South Africa adopts imported digital display frequency converter grade electrical components, with stable and reliable operation, strong sealing, smooth and beautiful appearance. Items can be wrapped, fed, folded, heat-sealed, packed, counted individually or in a box, and automatically pasted with anti-counterfeiting easy-to-pull wire. The packing speed can be adjusted without grade, so a small number of parts can be used to pack boxes of different specifications (long, wide and high).
This machine is widely used in the automatic packaging of all kinds of box goods in medicine, health care products, food, cosmetics, stationery, audio-visual products and other industries. Packaging materials can be: OPP, BOPP film, hot - sticky cellophane.
If you have any demand of the machine, please contact us, our company is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing packaging machines. Over the years, we have been committed to the development and manufacture of 3d transparent film packaging machines, packaging materials and wire drawing, products are widely used in many industries, and has sold to South Africa, America, UK, Australia and other countries. And in order to meet the needs of customers, we can also provide packaging materials and pattern design for customers when providing packaging machines.

South Africa Cellophane Wrapping Machine
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