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Sugar Packing Machine Manufacturers From China
Publish:2018-06-01 By Sherry
As one of sugar packing machine manufacturers in China, the sugar packing machine produced by our company, can also be used for candy, rice, grains, beans, etc.
The sugar packing machine is a bag making type, full-automatic packaging machine, which is composed of a bag making part and a weighing part. The weighing part can be electronic weighing or screw type, and particles and powder materials can be packaged. This machine makes the packaging film into the packaging bag directly, and in the bag-making process to complete measurement, filling, marking, cutting and other actions. Packaging materials are usually plastic composite film, aluminum foil composite membrane, paper composite membrane, etc., characterized by a high degree of automation, good image, good security, suitable for washing powder, condiment, puffed food products such as small size, large quantities of automatic packaging.
China sugar packing machine advantage:
1. Multi-stage differential speed drawing distance arrangement, achieving orderly material arrangement, accurate positioning and high speed stability.
2. Adopt the lifting side power belt and stainless steel baffle, easy to operate and easy to clean.
3. The hopper can be quickly disassembled and assembled, and the slag groove can be arranged at the lower part and the joint to facilitate maintenance and cleaning and save time and effort.
4. The whole structure is simple, the operation is simple, the cleaning is convenient, the maintenance is convenient, the product of different specifications is replaced and adjusted easily, the parameter setting is simple.
5. The as sugar packing machine manufacturer, our machine is made of stainless steel, clean and hygienic.
6. The control system adopts high quality electrical components, intelligent PLC control, touch screen display, good man-machine interface, simple operation, intuitive and convenient.

Sugar Packing Machine Manufacturers
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