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Water Pouch Packing Machine Maintenance
Publish:2018-04-16 By Sherry
Water Pouch Packing Machine

We all know that the water pouch packing machine is a good helper for many water processing manufacturer, but how to maintain the water packing machine?
1. When you stop using the machine, flush the residual liquid in the pipeline with clean water in time, or the quality of the product will be affected if the residual liquid deteriorates.
2. Check the working condition and lubrication condition of each moving part regularly, and add lubricating oil at any time. Otherwise, the machine will not work properly and will seriously affect the service life of the machine.
3. After using, the foreign matter on the horizontal cover must be removed, and no residual material is allowed. Otherwise, the thermal conductivity may easily decrease, the temperature of the heating block increases, and the heat sealing is abnormal.
4. When abnormal conditions are found, the power should be cut off immediately, and re-use after troubleshooting.
5. When you use the machine in winter, when the temperature is below 0°C, it must use hot water to quantify the pump and the icing in the pipeline, otherwise it will cause the connecting rod to break or the machine cannot start.
6. The thickness of the single-plate plastic film used in this machine should be 80 microns, and the tensile strength, thickness uniformity and lubricity of the film should be ensured. If no suitable packaging film is selected, the breakage rate may increase.
Using the correct method to maintain the packaging machine can reduce the failure rate, increase the service life and reduce the maintenance cost. If you have other questions, please contact us for free.
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