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Powder Packing Machine Manufacturers
Publish:2018-04-11 By Sherry
Powder Packing Machine Manufacturers
With the increasing variety of packaging machines, how to choose a suitable packaging machine? First, when you choose a packing machine, you should choose according to the type of material. If you want to pack additive, milk powder and other powder products, you should choose powder packing machine.
The powder packing machine is designed according to the characteristics of the material which is not easy flowing.As a powder packing machine manufacturer,we have to say that a good packing machine should be easy to operate, fast and high precision packaging. If you want to achieve the above advantages, you should choose the following equipment:
1. Use electricity, light, instrument design, this machine operation method is very simple, and completely controlled by the computer, improve the production efficiency.
2. Using screw and optical control technology, this can ensure the rapid completion of the packaging process.
3. The motor should be used stepper motor, and equipped with electronic weighing technology, can make more accurate packaging.
4. Taking into account the filling range, equipped with electronic scales button adjustment equipment, feed spiral continuously adjustable, can package 5-5000g products.
5. Choose the suitable model according to the packaging method, such as bags, cans, bottles.
6. The contact part of equipment and materials must be made of stainless steel, which can ensure food hygiene and prevent cross-contamination.
7. If the device is equipped with photoelectric switch and feeding device, it is more convenient to operate.

The technology used by the packaging machine can be directly reflected in the technical parameters, and the parameters of the equipment can reflect the characteristics of the product. If you do not understand the machine's parameters and technology, the powder packaging machine you purchased will not be suitable for you. This will not only reduce the packaging speed, but also increase the cost. So when choosing a powder packaging machine, be sure to choose the right one for you.
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