Automatic Cellophane Film Wrapp
BOPP Film Wrapping Machine Wrap Boxes
Publish:2017-08-30 By Diana
Bopp film wrapping machine is special equipment for outer packing of boxes. Cellophane wrapping machine can be used to wrap medicine box, cosmetics boxes, soap, playing cards, perfume box, etc. So what are advantages of cellophane wrapping machine.
BOPP Film Wrapping Machine
1, Good sealing moisture effect. Products after cellophane wrapping can achieve moistureproof effect, also can improve the compressive strength of packing box.
2. Easy to tear. It is easy to unseal teh box, as long as tear the tear line.
3, Good anti-counterfeit effect. Can print the graphic or logo or trademark, to identify its authenticity. Companies can also choose a variety of specifications according to their needs.
4, Boxes after packaging can improve food value, improve the added value, the scale and decoration, improve the shelf display function.
5, Suitable for wrapping collection of pallet package, can reduce the cost of food packaging factory.
6,  Heat sealing time is short, no influence on quality on the packaging of boxes.Therefore, this bopp film wrapping machine can be widely used in heat sensitive food, fat soluble food.
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