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Introduction for Cement Packing Machine
Publish:2017-08-28 By Diana
The cement packing machine has the following characteristics:
(1) Weighing accurate, stable performance, simple operation;
(2) Good seal, reasonable structure, durable;
(3) Small volume, light weight, convenient adjustment and maintenance;
(4) Mechanical and electrical integration, save power, the machine can achieve compression bags, loosen, the closing of the gate, and automatic functions such as off the bag without using the original pneumatic;
(5) Wide application.
The machine is not only used for cement packaging, can also be used for other liquid powder, granular materials packaging. The cement packing machine is mainly a single mouth (GG - 1), double mouth (GG-2), three mouth (GG - 3), three kinds of models.
Cement Packing Machine
Technical parameters of cement packing machine:
1, The heavy bag: single bag weighs 50 + / - 0.5 kg.
2, Percent of pass of bag weight: 95%.
3, 15 t/h per spout production.
4, Motor power head of every spout is 3 kw.
5, Single spout is not eith feeding machine; Double mouth feeder power 2.2 KW, three mouth, four mouth feeder power 3 KW.
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