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Semi Automatic Powder Filling Machine
Publish:2017-08-25 By Diana
The powder packaging machine, also named semi automatic powder filling machine, is suitable for a certain liquid powder, granular materials, can suit bags, cans, bottles and other packaging container, powder quantitative packaging, fast packing speed and high precision. Suitable for packing pesticides, veterinary medicine, premix, additives, milk powder, starch, spices, enzymes, such as powder-feed, chicken essence, glucose, milk powder, flour, green bean powder, starch, spices, feed, granular material quantitative packaging.
Semi Automatic Powder Filling Machine
Powder Packaging Machine Advantage
The semi-automatic powder packing machine is popular with customers in the market, with its own advantages, the equipment to enhance work efficiency and reduce the cost of production, packaging specification size accurate measurement can be finished clean and neat, dust sticky machine has stable performance, long service life small footprint, simple operation, convenient move.
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