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Working Principle Of Rotary Cement Filling Machine
Publish:2016-07-26 By Diana
Rotary Cement Filling Machine
The cement in the packing material will be conveyed by bucket elevator to the vibrating screen, after screening clutter in cement, enter the intermediate storage. By the intermediate warehouse storage of cement material spiral gate regulating flow, impeller feeder evenly feeding, enter the packaging machine stock bin (rotary bin) through the soft connection of feeder. Cement material in the rotary stock enter outlet hopper shell, after artificial sidekicks, packing machine clockwise (anticlockwise) rotating, reach the start position, by a approach switch to transmit the signals to the microcomputer, start the solenoid valve, open the discharging mouth through the cylinder; Start the motor at the same time, by the high speed of impeller filling cement materials, cement by discharging mouth respectively continuous filling in each bag. When weight of bag reaches set data, by the sensors to transmit the signals to the microcomputer, electromagnetic valve through the microcomputer control start cylinder, close the discharging mouth; At the same time, shut off the motor, stop filling. When packing machine rotate to drop bag posion, controlled by electromagnet proximity switch, bags fall rapidly to the charter. 
The whole rotary cement filling machine is an organic whole automatic control with electricity and gas filling process. In addition to the artificial sidekicks, press cement bag, the discharging mouth opened and closed; Cement bags, weighing measuring, fixed point dropping bags, etc all can be done automatically, so that reduce the mechanical failure, ensuring the efficient operation of packaging equipment. 
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