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Hot Melt Adhesive Box Sealer
Publish:2016-06-28 By Diana
Hot melt adhesive box seler machine product performance and application: 
1, Machine needs manual feeding material, material mechanical automatic spray adhesive, sealing. 
2, The machine is with high efficiency, the processing capacity of 40-60 box/minutes,  2-3 times efficiency than manual sealing box, and can adjust the specification according to the size of box. 
3, The sealing effect is good, the efficiency of the machine is sustainable, while artificial packing not, artificial high efficiency will affect the quality and defective quantity. Then affects the production efficiency, low production waste of labor overtime cost. 
4, Glue quantity conumption of machine is about 1/3 of the manual sealing box, use of glue. 
Hot melt adhesive sealing box machine
Product advantage: 
1, The machine material conform to the requirements of environmental protection, USES the food grade criteria for appearance, large area USES stainless steel as equipment components. 
2, transformation, convenient and quick. The new regulation to symmetric handwheel adjustment, reduce the difficulty tuning machine. 
3, fully closed structure, concise fashion appearance. 
4, key components with imported components. 
5, and optimize the power consumption, accord with energy conservation and new concepts. 
6, simple operation, high efficiency and low cost. 
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