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Liquid Filling Packing Machine
Publish:2016-06-21 By Diana
Liquid packaging machine is a kind of automatic multi-function packaging machine, especially developed for packaging liquid material. Due to adopt vertical automatic bag making, filling, heat sealing and cutting process form, also known as vertical packaging machine for filling liquid. Because it USES a vertical film bag automatic molding process, so it can be according to various type of packet, using three autoregulating, four edge sealing and back sealing for heat sealing and cutting. Suitable for all kinds of beverages, liquid seasoning low viscosity oil of all kinds of fluid materials such as fully automatic packaging.
Liquid Filling Packing Machine
Liquid packaging machine function 
1. Automatic forming film bag 
2. Ultraviolet sterilization 
3. The longitudinal heat sealing automatically 
4. The function of automatic marking 
5. Automatic bag automatic traction 
6. Adjustable quantitative filling 
7. Automatic horizontal heat sealing 
8. Automatically cut the bag and offers the option of a variety of incision 
9. Automatic counting function 
10. Low viscosity fluid material circulation system 
11. The finished product transmission system 
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