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Characteristics of Pillow Type Packing Machine
Publish:2016-06-12 By Diana
This pillow type packing machine is applicable to egg yolk pie, fruit pie, biscuits, bread, cakes, candy, medicine, daily necessities, hardware parts, packaging cartons or pallets and other kinds of solid state of living organisms. 
Pillow Type Packing Machine
Main functions and features: 
1. The bag length no need manual setting, equipment in the operation can realize automatic detection, automatic setting. 
2. Dual-band simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, less wear and long life. 
3. The main control circuit adopts the company developed by single chip microcomputer, touch screen display, inverter control, good man-machine interface, concentrated intuitive operation, convenient. 
4. Packing speed and length of bags adopts double frequency converter control. Infinitely variable speed, the adjusting range is wide, before perfect match with a production line. 
5. High light magic eye automatic accurate tracking. 
6. The sealing temperature has independent control, suitable for a variety of packaging materials, sealing beautiful and strong. 
7. Can be installed the intermittent aeration device, alcohol injection device, mechanical device and printer.
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