Automatic Cellophane Film Wrapp
Cellophane Wrapping Machine Use In Pharmaceutical Industry
Publish:2016-05-27 By Diana
This is a new trend that transparent membrane three dimensional packaging is widely used in drug package in recent years, it is introduced by smoke package, drug is put into the plastic film, finishing packaging after cutting film, bags, side seal, dog-eared, lateral sealing, tidy shape, and output. So cellophane packing machine plays an increasing important role in products package.
automatic cellophane wrapping machine
 (1) High production efficiency and high degree of automation, which can realize continuous automatic production, and realize can linkage equilibrium production with front-end boxes packing machine and back-end container loader;
(2) Select BOPP or PVC film packaging material, compared to carton packaging materials, it is of low cost, the cost of materials only 1/10 of white carton and 1/2 of heat shrinkable film;
(3) Due to fewer operators, greatly reduces the labor costs and the corresponding management cost;
(4) Products with three dimensional cellophane package have good appearance, high grade, improving product image;
 (5) with transparent membrane three dimensional packaging finished products have good moistureproof performance , easy transportation and storage,  is suitable for pharmacopoeia, biochemical, vaccines and fat-soluble medicine packing that need strictly limited for production, storage temperature;
(6) Equipment is no contamination to working environment, covering a small area.
To sum up, transparent membrane three dimensional packaging is a good choice. In recent years, products made of transparent membrane three dimensional packaging are favored by the majority of customers due to its low cost and high class.
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