Automatic Cellophane Film Wrapp
Cellophane Film Packing Machine
Publish:2016-04-21 By Diana
(1) The working principle
GGB-200 3d Paper Box Cellophane Film Packing Machine ulterize hoppers and conveyor system to supply packing product, finish product packing by though film supply, cut film, folding, packet, heat sealing, reshaping, outlet etc. process. After folding of both sides, using adhesive sealing means to achieve sealing, moisture proof, decorating packaging effect.
Transparent film and opening line printed with a graphic or holographic laser logo (commonly known as the gold drawing line, unsealed line), after the adhesion of adhesive paste, this machine can get easily opening and anti-counterfeiting effect.
(2) Packing flow diagram

Packing Material
(1) Transparent Cellophane: can be heat sealed, moisture-proof, 300# ~ 600#.
(2) BOPP film: thickness 2.2c ~ 3.0c.
(3) Unsealed line: width 1.2 ~ 3mm different colors adhesive sticker.
(4) Specifications: transparent lines, a single gold, full of gold, bright gold, transparent red, white red, white gold,Laser anti-counterfeit, laser hollow and so on.

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