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Cement Packing Machine
Publish:2016-04-12 By Diana
Suitable:This machine is widely used in dry mortar, cement, stone powder, coal ash powder, gypsum powder, coarse whiting powder, quartz sand, powder quantitative packaging objects such as fire materials.
Cement packing machine is a kind of special equipment of bagged cement production required, to complete the automatic packaging of cement, can also be used to wrap the other flow performance good powder material (such as fly ash, cement additive, etc.) so it still is widely used in small and medium-sized cement plant.
This machine is mainly used for the automatic filling of the cement bag, because of its stable performance, few parts, simple maintenance, low cost, economic durable,so it's favored by manufacturer.
1, This machine uses spiral gray dragon spitting instead of the traditional impeller lose ground , pushing out gray ash fluently, more beneficial to the environment;
2, The vulnerability is few, need not pneumatic devices, greatly reducing equipment investment and maintenance cost;
3, Controlled by computer measurement, high sensitivity, fully comply with the national standard;
4, A high degree of automation, such as filling, measuring, off bag, etc, all be continuous completion.
5, The optimization design, simple structure, convenient maintenance, sealed tight, not plugging, not jamming, not leak;
Main feature:
1, Automatic computer control, identification, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, weighing accuracy;
2, New design, no gate, weighbeam, travel mound, card round, bayonet, extension spring, pull spring, and other mechanical weighing mechanism, reducing the vulnerability of the infinite; both reduce
Maintenance costs, and improve productivity;
3, Automatically bags of pressing, filling, release, stop filling and swap bags and other functions, stable performance, simple operation (workers only pocket move

① Weighing accuracy, stable performance, simple operation;
② Tightness, reasonable structure and durable;
③ Small size, light weight, easy to adjust and maintenance;
④ Mechanical and electrical integration, save energy. The machine does not use an air compressor and solenoid valve pneumatic components, by mechanical, electrical integration, the principle of the lever linkage, can achieve compression bags, release the shutter closed and swap bags and other automatic functions.
⑤ Wide range of uses. It is not only used for cement packaging, can also be used for other free-flowing powder, granular materials packaging.
This machine is my factory to meet market demand professional development, high degree of automation (computer intelligent automatic recognition, without cumbersome mechanical lever complex weighing system), easy to operate, just workers sidekicks (no artificial move the shutter operation) to complete packaging production process, save manpower, reduce labor intensity, greatly reduce production costs, improve production efficiency. This machine is the technical indicators all meet the national standard.
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