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How To Operate Box Sealing Machine
Publish:2016-04-06 By Diana
This article mainly tell you how to operate tissue box sealing machine
1, First power on, ensure the smooth operation and safety equipment;
2. Turn on the power switch, and then semi-automatic hot melt adhesive box sealing machine starts heating;
3, Set Sealer heating temperature according to the hot melt adhesive, operation keys green light after the gum is completely melted;
4, Press the start button, connected to an air source;
5. Place the box with product into installed Sealer introduction groove;
6. Gently push the box sealing, and then automatically start gluing folding cover;
7, Take out the sealed box from another guide, box sealing is completed;

Equipment packaging process: after Sealer power supply automatically start heating until completely melted hot melt adhesive, and press the start button box sealing artificial put boxes on the machine, the machine sends complete glue flap folding step. The whole process moves fast speed of integration.
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