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How to Choose Suitable Pillow Type Packing Machine
Publish:2016-03-02 By Diana
Pillow type packing machine includes instant noodle packaging machines, wafer biscuit packing machine, following shows you how to choose suitable packing machine:

1. The suitability of things wrapped up 
A. Customer can choose suitable pillow packaging machine according to the characteristics of their products, of course in the market, there are lots of machine specializing in special material, which requires buyers looking for in the market. Buyers can meet the requirements of their own through comparison of many aspects. If the market does not have a corresponding model, customer should choose according to the product properties, such as product easy to slag or loose, chose down membrane, because down membrane machine in entered the stage of packing seal is at the top of the material, will not fall residue on the machine, also can ensure the integrity of the packaging; 
B. If no high requirement on speed (below 120 bags/min) and save the packaging film is recommended to choose reciprocating, which can save packaging film, also make the packaging looks very compact; 
C. Customers must try to get their products and packaging film bag for testing, so that they can determine whether achieve their desired effect according to the packed products. The best way is customer only provide materials, the pillow block packing machine manufacturer to help choose material, it may be easier to meet customer requirements. 

2. The stability of the packaging machine itself 
It should be common problem that all customers need to consider, of course, this is no technical problem for how to choose. Customers need to test more when choosing machine, because the machine in the producer does not have the long time running, and can't reflect the stability of the machine.

3. Speed requirements for pillow type packing machine 
Packing speed is a very important standard when choosing a machine, when customer determines the output, it also means determine speed of the pillow type packaging machine, after all, the customer is given priority to capacity. For the current market, packing way determines the speed of the packaging machine, such as reciprocating packaging machine speed is less than 160 bags/min, packing machine and rotating knife can reach above 400 bags/min. At the same time, the speed of the pillow packaging machine is also related to packaging materials and added components. If spraying machine and other function is equipped, packing speed will be not very high.
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