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Analysis On the Development of Modern Packaging Machinery
Publish:2016-01-15 By Diana
With the accelerated pace of people's daily work, rich nutrition, health food, environmental protection awareness of the future of food and packaging will certainly put forward many new requirements. Now striking, given the refrigerator, microwave oven in the rapid popularization, plus other related conditions gradually mature, not for a long time, the development of frozen food as a convenience food, fast food will enter families and enterprises and institutions.
At the same time, according to local conditions, vigorously develop the vacuum packaging machine and aseptic packaging and other new technologies, new products, so that the organic combination with the frozen packaging, and jointly promote the food packaging more on the floor. As a result, all levels of consumers send hope in the boxed as subject of small food packaging container to use portable, mainly refers to the packaging to be easy to open, placed at random, many seal, after collection, safe and reliable. Therefore, we must take appropriate measures to further improve the bag type, box type, and to achieve the main and sealing structure of the scientific and diversified.
As is known to all, in the commercial competition, quality and cheap must always take into account. If you can effectively do this, it is not difficult to occupy the market, in an invincible position. One way out is to realize the dialectical unity of reasonable packaging and simplified packaging. The reason is obvious, reasonable also contains the simplification, but the simplification is not necessarily reasonable.

It is understood, during  the 2002 ~ 2007 years, the Indian government  invested in the food processing industry up $200 billion; The Indonesian food packaging machinery industry development is relatively slow and dependent on imports; In addition, to agriculture is the economic pillar of West African countries will also actively develop food processing industry and imports a large quantity of food processing machinery. Set the above favorable factors, China's food processing industry in 2006 should be able to maintain steady growth.
In order to meet the market demand, China's food packaging industry is actively to get rid of the image of a large number of low technical content, and to more functional, modular, intelligent control and high precision, etc.. In addition, more and more enterprises in the packaging machinery application of mechanical and electrical integration of high and new technology, including: PLC control, HMI man-machine dialogue, servo control technology, etc.. At the same time, a variety of high added value of the new technology has also been the support of enterprises, such as cold sterilization technology and active packaging technology, etc.

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