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Publish:2016-01-15 By Diana
With 3D transparent film packaging new trends in drug package, which is introduced from ciarette package, cellophane wrapping machine is favored by customers. The drugs by stacking machine into the plastic film, and finish completion after feeding, film cutting, folding package, terminated, angular, side seal, shaping and outputting action in packaging.

(1) High production efficiency and high degree of automation, can realize continuous production, achieving linkage balanced production with cartoning machine and the back-end and front-end;
(2) Using BOPP or PVC film packaging, compared with carton packaging materials, this machine has low cost, material cost only in the 1/ 10 version of the white box and 1/2 the heat shrinkable film;
(3) Due to the operator, greatly reduce the labor cost and management cost;
(4) Products with 3D cellophane, has beautiful appearance and upgrade product quality, improving product image as while;
(5) Packaging transparent film 3D in product moisture performance is good. Convenient transportation and storage, can adapt to the Pharmacopoeia of production, storage temperature, biochemical strictly limited vaccine and fat soluble medicine packaging;
(6) Equipment and no pollution to the environment, small occupied area.
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