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Three Reasons Restricts The Development of Packing Machinery
Publish:2016-01-11 By Diana
Packaging machinery in China started late, after 20 years of development, our packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in machinery industry, which provides effective guarantee for the rapid development of the packaging industry in our country, some packaging machinery can fill the domestic blank, can basically meet the needs of the domestic market, some products are exported. But at present, our packaging machinery exports is less than the total output value of 5%, imports but with overall output probably, a far cry from the developed countries.
Domestic packaging machinery industry level is still in a low level, some of the high level of packaging equipment still dependent on foreign imports to meet domestic demand. This phenomenon has seriously restricted the sustainable and stable development of China's packaging industry, and also makes some domestic enterprises in the situation of non competitive packaging machinery. Therefore, the experts pointed out that the low level of packaging machinery development will affect the rapid development of the entire packaging industry, so we must strive to change the backward situation.
Our packaging machinery manufacturing industry into the existence of the problem, one is lack of co-ordination of macro planning; second is the lack of capital investment, for business research and development investment accounted for sales average less than 1%; The third is the lack of professional and technical personnel.
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