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Application Of Granules Packing Machine
Publish:2015-12-01 By Diana
Granule packaging machine, also known as particle weighing packaging machine, consists of hopper, electromagnetic vibration feeder, weighing hopper, a material receiving hopper, Chinese LCD touch screen, PLC operation system.
Granular materialdrop from material bin to the electromagnetic vibration feeder, when set to package weight, electromagnetic vibration feeder will convey the materials to a weighing hopper, when weighing to the set packaging specifications, PLC will automatic control of electromagnetic vibration feeder stop transmission. At this point the feeding port is set on the package bag, the photoelectric signal will be transmitted to the PLC by the PLC control to open the weighing hopper, the material falls into the packing bag.
According to the weighing hopper, granule packaging machine can be divided into: two hopper granule packing machine, speed can reach is less than or equal to 25 packs / min; four hopper granule packing machine, the speed can be reach less than or equal to 45 packs / minute, six scales bucket granule packing machine, speed can reach less than or equal to 65 packs / minute.
According to the use in an industry, granule packing machine can be divided into: melon seeds packing machine, packaging machine for chicken powder, monosodium glutamate packaging machine, salt packaging machine, white sugar packaging machine, packaging machine for peanut, condiment packaging machine, etc..
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