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Reasons and Solutions of Non Sealing of Vacuum Packaging Machine
Publish:2015-11-26 By Diana
Vacuum packaging machine has become an essential part of our daily lives, especially in the hot summer, people more dependent on vacuum packaging machine. Food storage period is always very short, how to extend the date of food storage, is a topic of general concern.  Vacuum packaging machines that we often use are double chamber vacuum packaging machine and single chamber vacuum packaging machine.

Brief introduction of vacuum packaging machine:
Vacuum packaging machine of Henan GELGOOG Machinery uses the Japanese control circuit, adopts microcomputer control, which has the advantages of waterproof, moisture, low failure rate, long service life, etc., these advantages make the device easy to clean, no fault occurs even swash with water directly, frame body adopts international standard food with 304 stainless steel plate, it is not easy to damage, 
Reasons and solutions of non sealing of vacuum packaging machine
1. First we should check whether it is due to the failure of the pipeline valve, air bag exhaust is smooth or not, if so, it is time to repair and replacement.
2. Secondly, we should check the sealing time, check to see whether it is improper adjustment of the relay, if the relayis improper, it should be timely adjusted.
3. We need to check whether it is to see if the transfer belt is not accurate, if it is not accurate, we need to adjust the stroke switch.
4. Check to see the stability of power supply and voltage, if so, we want to install a stable power supply.
5. We should see whether is sealed at both ends of the seal is not good, if the seal is not good, timely adjust plate screws, screws are tight, inverse clockwise rotate adjustment screw.
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