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Classification Of Packing Machine
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There is a wide variety of packaging machines, many of which are classified. From different viewpoints, there are many kinds of products, from the product state, liquid, block-shaped, bulk packing machine: From the function, inner packing machine, wrapping machine; From the industries, there are packing machine for food, daily chemical, textile and so on; According to the degree of automation, semi-automatic, fully automatic packaging machine, etc..

Mainly used in a variety of high-end products of three-dimensional packaging, the effect is the same as beautiful cigarette box, with energy saving, fine packaging effect, etc..

2) Filling Machine
Filling machine is the packaging machine with the exact number of packages to all kinds of containers.

(3) Sealing Machine
The sealing machine is a machine to seal  the container filled with the packaging material.

(4) Wrapping Machine
Wrapping machine is a kind of packing machine taht uses a flexible packaging material fully or partially  pack the material.

(5) Multi function Packaging Machine
This type of packaging machine with two or more than two functions, such as filling and sealing, forming, filling and sealing, etc.

(6) Shrink Wrapping Machine
During the process of shrinking, shrink packaging machine does not affect the quality of the packaging, and can shrink rapidly and perfectly, the packed product can seal, moistureproof, anticollision, applicable to many items of packaging and packaging.
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