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How to Maintain Cement Packing Machine
Publish:2017-07-26 By Diana
Cement Packing Machine
Cement packing machine is a special equipment used in the production of cement. It can be used to complete the automatic packaging of cement, and it can also be used to pack other powder materials (such as fly ash, cement additives, etc.)

(a) Before starting, pay attention to site conditions, clear the obstacles affecting operation, except  sidekick, prohibit other people getting close to the rotary cement packing machine.
(b) Carefully check electric parts, turn governor button to 0 position, and clockwise rotate and gradually accelerate to the desired speed. Every stop, should adjust knob back to 0.
(c) When putting cement bags, keep appropriate distance from the machine to prevent bumps.
(d) No hand pressing when filling, no kicking bag of cement, so as not to affect the accuracy of measurement.
(e) When a fault occurs during operation and needs emergency shutdown and repair, power should be cut off, listing warning or specialized personnel monitoring;
(f) Ground protection is to be safe and reliable, and regularly detect the grounding resistance.
(g) When the belt conveyor suddenly stop, the cement packing machine shall be cut off power supply immediately to prevent blow off.
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